Thermal Transfer Label
Removable Adhesive 32mm Diameter YELLOW Circle

For Small Desktop Label Printers

Code: 032DIATTNRY1-2000
per roll

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The prices above are a 'PER ROLL' price.
The labels are 2,000 per roll and are supplied on 25mm cores.

If you would prefer these labels to be on a different size core or are unsure if they are suitable for your label printer please email or call us on 01772 817546 and we will be happy to assist.

These rolls of labels are suitable for the following label printers:

Citizen: CL-S321, CL-S621, CL-S631, CLP621, CLP631
Godex: G300, G330, G500, G530, EZ120, EZ1100Plus, RT2x, RT7x, RT8x
Honeywell/Intermec/Datamax: E Class, PC42t, PC43t, C4, PC4, PC41, PF8T
Toshiba: B-EV4T, FV4T, B-SV4T
Sato: CG208TT, CG212TT, CG408TT, CG412TT, CX200TT, CX208TT, CX210TT, CX212TT
TSC: TE200, TA200, DA300, TA300, TC200, TC300, TTP-342/343/345, TX200, TX300, TX600
Wasp: WPL304, WPL305
Zebra: GK420t, GC420t, GX420t, GX430t, GT800, ZD420, ZD500, TLP2844, TLP3842, TLP3844

Colour: Yellow
Adhesive Type: Removable
Labels on Roll: 2,000
Manufacturer: Northern Label Systems Limited

We will be happy to advise you which labels are suitable for your label printer or application if you email or call us on 0845 600 3640.

Printer Model

  • Citizen CL-S321
  • Citizen CL-S621/CLP621
  • Citizen CL-S631/CLP631
  • Citizen CL-S6621
  • Godex EZ120/EZ1100Plus
  • Godex G300.G330
  • Godex G500/G530
  • Godex RT2x
  • Godex RT7x/RT8x
  • Honeywell/Datamax-O'Neil E-Class
  • Honeywell/Intermec Easycoder C4
  • Honeywell/Intermec PC23t
  • Honeywell/Intermec PC42t
  • Honeywell/Intermec PC43t
  • Intermec PF8T
  • Sato CG208TT/Sato GC212TT
  • Sato CG408TT/CG412TT
  • Sato CX200/CX208
  • Sato CX210/CX212
  • TSC TA200/TA300
  • TSC TC200/TC300
  • TSC TTP-342/343/345
  • Toshiba B-EV4T/FV4T/SV4T
  • Wasp WPL205/304/305
  • Zebra GC420t
  • Zebra GK420t/GX420t
  • Zebra GT800
  • Zebra TLP2844/TLP2844-Z
  • Zebra TLP3842/TLP3844Z
  • Zebra ZD420/620 TT
  • Zebra ZD500