Second User Toshiba TEC B-EX4T2 300dpi Thermal Transfer Label Printer (B-EX4T2-TS12-QM-R)


This printer is a second user model in very good condition.

What Toshiba say about the B-EX4 T2:

The B-EX4D2 and B-EX4T2 printing solutions feature high quality and economical industrial products which deliver low running costs and total cost of ownership.
Available in a variety of resolutions for the most diverse industrial printing applications they easily integrate into existing workflows.
Free your business from the constraints of legacy systems - simply plug and play.

In our opinion:

The Toshiba B-EX4T2 is in our opinion the best choice when a very large throughput of labels is required.  These printers are most often found in food manufacturing companies and other industrial applications where a large volume of labels with small text need to be printed.

Unlike some other manufacturers printers the EX4T2 can easily switch between label sizes and shapes with no callibration and wated labels being necessary between switching between label rolls.

This is the T2 version of the EX4 and this means that the print speed is not quite as fast as the T1 model and the maximum length of the ink ribbons you can use is 600 metre.  You also do not have the option of fitting a ribbon saving module.  That said this is a very sturdy printer and you get a lot for your money with the T2 version.

Please note: There is no Mac driver available for this printer - Only a Microsoft Windows driver.

More Information
Product Feature

- Thermal Transfer Printer (can be used with or without thermal ink ribbon)
- Easy to use software included
- 104mm max print width
- LAN network connectivity as standard
- LAN + USB Interfaces
- 300dpi (dots per inch) version

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