Thermal Transfer Label
Permanent Adhesive
25mm x 25mm 4 Across

For Larger Desktop Label Printers

Code: 025025TTNPW4-10000
per roll

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The prices above are a 'PER ROLL' price.
The labels are 10,000 per roll and are supplied on 76mm cores.

These rolls of labels are suitable for the following label printers:

CAB: EOS1, EOS4, SQUIX 4, SQUIX 4.3, A4+, SQUIX 6.3, A6+, A8+
Citizen: CL-S700, CL-S730, CL-E720, CL-E730
Godex: BP500L, BP530L, ZX420, ZX430, ZX1200i, ZX1300i, ZX1600i, EZ2250i, EZ235i, EZ2050, EZ2150
Honeywell/Datamax/Intermec: M Class, I Class, PM42, PM43, PM43C, P1115, P1115s, P1125, P1725, H-4310x, H-4606, H-4408, H-4212, H-6310x, H-6210, H-6308, H-6212, H-8308p, PD43, PD43C, PX4i, PX6i
Printronix: T8000 4", T6000 4", T8000 6", T6000 4", T8000 8", T4M, T2N, T6204, SL5306r
Sato: CL4NX, M84, CL6NX
Toshiba: B-EX4T1, B-EX4T2, B-EX4T3, B-EX6T, B-EX6T1, B-EX6T3, B-SX4, B-472, B-SX5, B-572, B-SX8T, B-SA4TM, B-SA4TP
TSC: TTP246M Pro, TTP-344M Pro, TTP-2610MT, TTP368MT, 2610MT, TTP-286MT, TTP-384MT, MH240, MH340, MH240T, MH340T, MX420P, MX340P, MX640P, ME240, ME340, TTP-2410MT, TTP-346MT, TTP-644MT
Zebra: ZT610, ZT510, ZT410, ZT620, ZT420, ZT220, ZT230, 110Xi4, 140Xi4, 170Xi4, 220Xi4, 105SLPlus

If you would prefer these labels to be on a different size core or are unsure if they are suitable for your label printer please email or call us on 01772 817546 and we will be happy to assist

Colour: White
Adhesive Type: Permanent
Labels on Roll: 10,000
Manufacturer: Northern Label Systems Limited

We will be happy to advise you which labels are suitable for your label printer or application if you email or call us on 0845 600 3640.

Printer Model

  • CAB A8+
  • CAB EOS1, EOS4
  • CAB SQIX4, SQIX4.3, A4+
  • CAB SQIX6.3, A6+
  • Citizen CL-E720/CL-E730
  • Citizen CL-S700/CL-S703
  • Godex BP500L, BP530L
  • Godex EZ2050, EZ2150
  • Godex EZ2250, EZ235
  • Godex ZX1200i, ZX1300i
  • Godex ZX1600i
  • Godex ZX420, ZX430
  • Godex ZX420i, ZX430i
  • Honeywell Datamax H-4310x, H-4606
  • Honeywell Datamax H-4408, H-4212
  • Honeywell Datamax H-6310x, H-6210, H-6308, H-6212
  • Honeywell Datamax H-8308P
  • Honeywell Datamax I Class
  • Honeywell Datamax M Class
  • Honeywell Datamax P1115, P1115s, P1125
  • Honeywell Datamax P1725
  • Honeywell Intermec PD43, PD43C
  • Honeywell Intermec PM42, PM43, PM43C
  • Honeywell Intermec PX4i
  • Honeywell Intermec PX6i
  • Printronix T4M, T2N, T6204
  • Printronix T8000 4", T6000 4"
  • Sato CL4NX
  • Sato CL6NX
  • Sato M84
  • TSC TTP-2410MT, 346MT, 644MT
  • TSC TTP-2610MT, TTP368MT, 2610MT
  • TSC TTP-344MPro
  • TSC TTP-384MT
  • TSC TTP246MPro
  • Toshiba B-EX4T1, B-EX4T2, B-EX4T3
  • Toshiba B-EX6T, B-EX6T1, B-EX6T3
  • Toshiba B-SA4TM
  • Toshiba B-SX4, B472
  • Toshiba B-SX5, B572
  • Toshiba B-SX8T
  • Toshiba BSA4-TP
  • Wasp WPL612
  • Zebra 105SL Plus
  • Zebra 110Xi4
  • Zebra 140Xi4
  • Zebra 170Xi4
  • Zebra 220Xi4
  • Zebra ZT220, ZT230
  • Zebra ZT610, ZT510, ZT410
  • Zebra ZT620, ZT420