034017VDNPS1-2000, 34mm x 17mm Bright Silver VOID Label, Permanent Adhesive, FOR SMALL DESKTOP LABEL PRINTERS

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These labels are made form a bright silver durable polyester material with a strong permanent synthetic adhesive.

VOID labels have the added security feature of leaving a ‘VOID’ message which is revealed when the label is removed from the surface it has been stuck onto. Once removed from the surface the label cannot then be stuck down again without showing that it has been tampered with.

The labels are 2,000 per roll and are supplied on 25mm cores. The roll of labels is 37mm wide (including backing paper) and the diameter of the roll is approx 91mm.

These Synthetic labels require a thermal transfer ink ribbon to print them. A wax/resin ink ribbon will produce a good quality print on these labels but if you require the print to be permanent and unable to be scratched off then a resin ink ribbon is required.

There is no perforation on the label gap.

Compatible label printers:

ZD220 TT • ZD230 TT • TLP2824Plus • ZD420 TT • ZD620 TT • GK420t • GX420t • GX430t • GC420t • TLP2844 • TLP3844 • GT800 • ZD500

CL-S621 • CL-S631 • CLP621 • CLP631 • CL-E321 • CL-E331 • CL-S6621


TD-4420TN • TD-4520TN

TTP-225 • TTP-323 • TX200 • TX300 • TX600 • TTP-247 • TTP-345 • TC200 • TC210 • TC300 • TC310 • TE200 • TE210 • TE300 • TE310 • TTP-244CE • ML240P • ML340P

If you would prefer these labels to be on a different size core or are unsure if they are suitable for your label printer please email or call us on 01772 817546 and we will be happy to assist

More Information
Colour Silver
Adhesive Type Permanent
Labels on Roll 2,000
Manufacturer Northern Label Systems Limited
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