LMR005, Labelmate CAT3 ACH Label Rewind, With Adjustable Core Holder


The Labelmate CAT3 is a heavy-duty label rewind that works independently of your label printer. Simply placed in front of the printer the CAT3 label rewind will wind your labels onto a cardboard core between 25mm and 101mm in diameter. When your label printer stops printing the unit simply stops winding.

The maximum roll diameter is 280mm and the maximum label width is 155mm.

The CAT-3 Heavy-Duty Label Rewinders LABELMATE's Constant Adjustable TorqueTM ("CAT") technology has made the silent, easy-to-use CAT-3 the "Industry Standard" Label Rewinder.

There are no awkward troublesome belts or clutches. The CAT-3-STANDARD handles labels up to 155 mm (6-inches) wide and will wind a roll of labels up to 280mm (12") diameter.

Torque/Speed and Direction are fully controllable from the Control Panel. Dual torque ranges provide plenty of power for use with a LABELMATE Slitter, too.

The heavy-guage steel construction of this label winder means that you can simply set the unit in place and not worry that it will move while winding labels unlike lightweight alternatives.

Labelmate offer a 5 YEAR WARRANTY (inclusive of all parts and labour) on this unit with the exception of the power supply which has a 12 month warranty.

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Product Feature

- Quality Heavy-Duty Rewinder
- Adjustable Take-Up Core
- 25mm to 101mm diameter cores can be used
- 280mm Max Roll Diameter
- 155mm Max Label Width
- Bi-Directional
- Variable Speed
- 5 Year Warranty
- Rugged, heavy-gauge steel construction
- Anti-slip feet keep the unit from moving
- Part Number LMR005

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