LMR001, Labelmate MC-10 Label Rewind, With Fixed Core Holder

The Labelmate MC10 is a popular low-cost label rewind suitable for use with any direct thermal or thermal transfer label printer.

Simply place the label rewind in front of your label printer and you can either wind the labels directly onto the rewind shaft (without the need of a cardboard core) or you can use the supplied 76mm adapters to place a 76mm diameter cardboard core onto the shaft and you can then rewind your labels onto that. 38mm and 44mm adapters can also be supplied at no extra cost.

The labelmate MC-10 can rewind rolls of labels up to 220mm in diameter and 125mm in width.

The label rewind speed is controlled by adjusting the speed adjustment dial at the top of the unit.

More Information
Product Feature

- Quality Low-Cost Rewinder
- Can be used without a take-up core
- Max Label Width 125mm
- Max Roll Diameter 220mm
- 76mm core adapter as standard
- 38mm & 44mm core adapters available
- Bi-Directional
- Variable Speed
- 5 Year Warranty
- Rugged, heavy-gauge steel construction
- Anti-slip feet keep the unit from moving
- Part Number LMR001

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