102152DTYHW1-475TC, PREMIUM 102mm x 152mm, Direct Thermal Labels, Shipping Labels, 475 per roll, For Small Desktop Label Printers

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Prices shown above are a 'PER ROLL' price.

The labels are 475 per roll and are supplied on 25mm cores. The roll of labels is 105mm wide (including backing paper) and the diameter of the roll is approx 115mm.

These TOP COATED paper labels have a strong HIGH TACK adhesive and a thermal coating so they do not require any kind of ink ribbon.

These labels are ideal for use as shipping labels.

The coating on these labels gives better print quality and a greater resistance to UV light.  The coating also gives a level of protection from moisture, chemicals and scratching.  This means that the labels will be readable and scannable for a longer period of time compared to uncoated direct thermal labels.

The adhesive on these labels is HIGH TACK adhesive.  This adhesive has an excellent adhesive bond and has proved to stick to a wider range of materials than standard permanent adhesive labels.

The lining paper is perforated between each label which allows the labels to be easily separated.

Compatible label printers:

ZD220 DT • ZD220 TT • ZD230 DT • ZD230 TT • ZD420 DT • ZD420 TT • ZD620 DT • ZD620 TT • GK420d • GK420t • GX420d • GX420t • GX430t • GC420d • GC420t • LP2844 • TLP2844 • TLP3844

CL-S521 • CL-S621 • CL-S631 • CL-S300 • CLP521 • CLP621 • CLP631 • CL-E300 • CL-E303 • CL-E321 • CL-E331 • CL-S6621

Munbyn/Zing/ C Kommer:
Thermal Label Printer • 4x6 Shipping Label Printer

B-FV4D • B-FV4T • B-EV4D • B-EV4T

TD-4410D • TD-4420DN • TD-4520DN • TD-4550DNWB • TD-4420TN • TD-4520TN

TX200 • TX300 • TX600 • TTP-247 • TTP-345 • TC200 • TC210 • TC300 • TC310 • TE200 • TE210 • TE300 • TE310 • TTP-244CE • TDP-247 • TDP-345 • DA210 • DA220 • DA310 • DA320 • TDP-244 • ML240P • ML340P

If you would prefer these labels to be on a different size core or are unsure if they are suitable for your label printer please email or call us on 01772 817546 and we will be happy to assist

More Information
Colour White
Adhesive Type High Tack
Labels on Roll 475
Manufacturer Northern Label Systems Limited
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