Poly Satin Material
Fray Resistant
25mm wide x 200 metre length

For Larger Label Printers

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Prices shown above are a 'per roll' price. This poly satin material is 25mm wide and is supplied in rolls of 200 metres. The material is supplied on a 76mm cardboard core. We can also supply this product on 25mm, 38mm or 44mm cores at no extra cost if required. You will need a Thermal Transfer type label printer to print the nylon material. The printer must use an ink ribbon as the material is not heat sensitive. If you are labelling clothing or other items that will be subject to a wash cycle you will to print with a wash-resistant ink ribbon to ensure the print does not wash off. Other items can be printed with either a full resin or wax/resin type ink ribbon. Please email us if you are unsure which ink ribbon would be best for you your application. These rolls of labels are suitable for the following label printers: CAB: EOS1, EOS4, SQUIX 4, SQUIX 4.3, A4+, SQUIX 6.3, A6+, A8+ Citizen: CL-S700, CL-S730, CL-E720, CL-E730 Godex: BP500L, BP530L, ZX420, ZX430, ZX1200i, ZX1300i, ZX1600i, EZ2250i, EZ235i, EZ2050, EZ2150 Honeywell/Datamax/Intermec: M Class, I Class, PM42, PM43, PM43C, P1115, P1115s, P1125, P1725, H-4310x, H-4606, H-4408, H-4212, H-6310x, H-6210, H-6308, H-6212, H-8308p, PD43, PD43C, PX4i, PX6i Printronix: T8000 4", T6000 4", T8000 6", T6000 4", T8000 8", T4M, T2N, T6204, SL5306r Sato: CL4NX, M84, CL6NX Toshiba: B-EX4T1, B-EX4T2, B-EX4T3, B-EX6T, B-EX6T1, B-EX6T3, B-SX4, B-472, B-SX5, B-572, B-SX8T, B-SA4TM, B-SA4TP TSC: TTP246M Pro, TTP-344M Pro, TTP-2610MT, TTP368MT, 2610MT, TTP-286MT, TTP-384MT, MH240, MH340, MH240T, MH340T, MX420P, MX340P, MX640P, ME240, ME340, TTP-2410MT, TTP-346MT, TTP-644MT Zebra: ZT610, ZT510, ZT410, ZT620, ZT420, ZT220, ZT230, 110Xi4, 140Xi4, 170Xi4, 220Xi4, 105SLPlus If you are unsure if it is suitable for your label printer please email or call us on 01772 817546 and we will be happy to assist

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Colour White
Adhesive Type None
Labels on Roll 200 Metre
Manufacturer Northern Label Systems Limited
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Fray Resistant
25mm wide x 200 metre length

For Larger Label Printers

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